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Complete substation Office building in Belarus

Project facts:

  • Complete prefabricated substation for a small, predetermined space
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to install
  • Quality assured

Prefabricated export success

When TTM Energiprodukter received an inquiry about building a complete substation within the limited area of 5 x 5 x 2 m, the company wasn’t faced by a new problem – just a slightly larger one. During more than 40 years manufacturing prefabricated shunt units, TTM Energiprodukter have amassed knowledge and experience to make it possible to offer the best solution for the customer.
In recent years, in addition to its normal shunt units, the company has focused on offering prefabrication of both large manifolds and complete substations.
The customer, in Lithuania, had documented needs in a flow diagram and layout sketch. The challenge for TTM Energiprodukter’s development engineers was to create a prefabricated unit that would contain a complete set of substation functions (pumps, valves, shunts etc.) in a small, predetermined area. It had to be possible to transport, and easy to handle and install far away in a foreign country where there was uncertainty about the resources and skills available on site.
Property owners and project owners are setting increasingly high environmental standards for materials and products. The aim is for properties to be constructed and managed with as large a proportion of environmentally approved products as possible. One important environmental standard is the limit value for how much lead a product may contain to be approved. TTM’s shunt units are environmentally approved by both Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus, two of the main actors for standardised environmental approvals of products and construction materials.
The result was an attractively packaged, prefabricated substation consisting of five modules, which were divided and reassembled through carefully positioned flange joints. The prefabricated substation created significant advantages for both end client and contractor. Time savings and quality assurance in the actual construction project were perhaps the most obvious, but errors were also minimised by not having to rely on local acquisition of components or risking local system changes that could jeopardise the entire substation. This is often appreciated by international constructors who are active in remote export markets.

TTM Energiprodukter has both the breadth and depth of expertise required to successfully create prefabricated substations.

Shuntopac prefab shunt unit.


Product facts:

  • Effect: 1.8 MW
  • Footprint: 4.4 x 4.3 m
  • Insulated with HT/Armaflex
  • Five easy-to-transport modules