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Cad en dimensionering

We launch a new version of SHUNTSelect calculation program

Click on the link below to start design with SHUNTSelect. If you experience problems with SHUNTSelect not starting, clear your browser history and cache memory and reload the page.

Download TTM MagiCAD product database

Here you can download our product database for MagiCAD to help you calculate and dimension TTM Shuntopac shunt groups in MagiCAD projects.TTM MagiCAD plugin is an add-on application that integrates TTM’s web-based shunt unit calculation program, SHUNTselect, with MagiCAD.

We launch the first part of the TTM BIM-library on MEPcontent.com

Click on the link below for the TTM BIM-library at MEPcontent.