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Botkyrkabyggen – Skarpbrunnavägen, Eriksberg

Project facts:

  • An out-of-hours call-out costs SEK 5,000.
  • After 10 days, NoXygen had eliminated gases corresponding to more than 300 litres of water.
  • No out-of-hours calls regarding cold apartments have been received since NoXygen was installed.
  • NoXygen is installed in around 50 of Botkyrkabyggen’s 170 substations. Installations are continuing in parallel with planned replacement of meter boards.

Not a single out-of-hours call-out

In recent years, Botkyrkabyggen, with 27,000 tenants in 12,000 apartments, has been the recipient of an extremely ambitious maintenance budget, with major investments made in both the external and internal environment.
After a renovation involving pipe replacement, Botkyrkabyggen had recurring problems with cold apartments.

The housing area on Skarpbrunnavägen in Eriksberg consists of 300 apartments. After a renovation involving pipe replacement, there were recurring problems with cold apartments and cold radiators. Meanwhile the phone lines were hot with tenants ringing about their cold homes, and housing staff were called out daily to purge radiators. After office hours, these calls were routed to the on-call service, at a cost of SEK 5,000 per call-out.

Lasse Larsson, project manager for Botkyrkabyggen, quickly contacted TTM Energiprodukter to discuss possible solutions to the problem. Göran Pålson at TTM Energiprodukter immediately recognise the symptoms and NoXygen was discussed during their very first meeting.

Göran took oxygen samples from the two systems involved, and not unexpectedly – and completely normally for normal tap water in Sweden – they showed high oxygen levels. A NoXygen was installed in each system, and after 10 days Göran was back to take new oxygen samples with Lasse. A dramatic reduction in oxygen now showed a level of scarcely 0.6 mg/l. The systems had to be topped up with more than 300 litres of water each, to replace the gases the NoXygens had eliminated.

“We need these in all of our substations!” said Lasse, when he saw the new figures and put them together with the fact that there hadn’t been a single out-of-hours call-out regarding cold apartments during those first 10 days.

TTM NoXygen® C650

Product facts:

TTM NoXygen® C:
  • Fully automatic
  • Works with a partial flow pumped from the main pipe and treated with a vacuum in the NoXygen unit.
  • Media temp 0 – +60° C.
TTM NoXygen® F:
  • Fully automatic
  • Works with a partial flow pumped from the main pipe and treated with a vacuum in the NoXygen unit.
  • For media temperatures down to –10° C