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Three sizes 200, 300 and 500 litres

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Complete mixing vessel up to 500 litres
Mixing vessel RTB 51 is a complete unit with a fluid vessel, pump and fittings for mixing and topping up fluid in heating and cooling media systems.

The closed fluid vessel is cylindrical and is available for volumes 200, 300 and 500 litres. The vessel is graduated at 25 litre intervals. The vessel is manufactured from rotational cast polyethylene and is equipped with a 150 mm screw cap. Pump of make Wilo with housing in stainless steel.

Larger vessel and pump with larger head height can be supplied on request. RTB 51 is primarily intended for ethylene glycol and propylene glycol mixtures of max. 45.0% and ethanol mixtures of max. 29.9%. Other mixtures of cooling medium and heating medium may require specially designed vessels, pumps or fittings. Consult with TTM.

For permanent installations of RTB 51, the vessel must be built-in if flammable liquid will be used in the vessel. Always contact your local fire and environmental authority regarding current provisions for handling your cooling medium.


1. Pump
Wilo WJ 203 X, 1 x 230 V
Supplied with 1.5 m electric cable with earthed plug
Switch for on/off operation
Other pumps can be supplied on request.

2. Shut-off valves

3.Drain valve

Version with hose screw connection R 1/2”.

4. Non-return valve

4. Bottom valve with strainer

Cooling media based on glycol, primarily ethylene glycol, with associated inhibitors, are classified as hazardous waste and may not be released into the wastewater system.


A. Pump Wilo WJ 203 X, 1×230 V, 5.2 A
B. Shut off valve
C. Non-return valve
D. Bottom valve (non-return valve with strainer)
E. Drain valve
F. Shut off valve
G. Vessel
Pipe PEX 15 and 28 mms


1. Fill the vessel with the desired quantity of water.
2. When first started, the pump must be filled with water.
3. Shut off valve F must be closed to the system.
4. Start pump A. Valve B must be open.
5. Top up the desired quantity of glycol and allow the fluids to mix.
6. Open valve F and close valve B. The system fills.
7. After filling is complete, the vessel must be emptied and all
glycol residues flushed from the pump. Close valve F.

Model Volume (L) D Ø mm H mm Weight (kg) Art no:
RTB 51-200 200 510 1370 22 506430
RTB 51-300 300 760 1150 27 506447
RTB 51-500 400 760 1525 34 506461

Pump data
As standard, RTB 51 is equipped with pump Wilo WJ 203 X (for capacity see graph on right, and for data see below). Other alternatives can be provided on request, for example with a higher pump head. Can also be delivered with submersible pump.

Electrical data

Voltage: 1×230 V, 50 Hz
Rated current: 5.2 A
Rated power P2: 0.75 kW
Degree of protection: IP44
Electrical connection: Plug

The pump is equipped with a built-in thermal motor protection with automatic reset.

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