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Prefab shunt units with built-in energy metering now available

Shuntopac EM – with energy metering

Our new category, Shuntopac EM, is equipped with integrated ultrasound energy meters.

They register flow and temperature on the supply and return lines, presenting energy consumption and storing measurement values that can even be read remotely. The measurement results are exact and, in addition to control of energy performance, they also provide measurement values that are approved as a basis for energy charging. The meters are classified according to EN 1434 class 2 and MID 2004/22/EC.

In Europe, and particularly in Denmark, shunt units with integrated energy meters are common. With the new integrated meters, it’s possible to obtain an accurate and individual reading for the section of the system served by that specific shunt. Prefabricated and installed together with the shunt unit. All you need to do is start metering. You don’t have to build energy meters on site and can benefit from prefabrication throughout the project.

Shuntopac EM gives exact control that’s very useful, for example in assessing the impact of an energy efficiency project, financial follow-up or invoicing specific parts of an HVAC system.