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Cold outside doesn't have to mean cold inside!

75% of all fault reports from residents in multi-dwelling buildings relate to excessively cold indoor temperatures!

Does the issue of cold rooms sound familiar? The solution is much simpler than you might think. The cause is the presence of boned air in the heating system’s fluid. Manual purging of radiators has no effect on bound air. Instead the system fluid must be vacuum degassed. So instead of manually purging, repairing and prematurely replacing components, you should simply install a TTM NoXygen® vacuum degasser. It does the whole job for you!


If a radiator is giving uneven heat, you probably have bound air in the system. Oxygen in the system fluid’s bound air creates corrosion that in turn leads to the formation of magnetite and dirt. Thermal transfer is less effective, leading to varying temperatures throughout the property.

Image on the right: Model of the typical situation in properties with bound air in the system fluid. Thermal transfer is less effective, leading to varying temperatures. The system fluid is less capable of giving off its thermal content, as the air impedes thermal transfer. This means the heating system’s return is still warm.

Bound air in the heating system leads to poor energy efficiency!

Continuous vacuum degassing restores the system fluid’s ability to conduct heat.

TTM NoXygen® 650 is a series of fully automatic and easily installed vacuum degassers that release and remove the bound air from the system fluid. Vacuum degassing increases the lifetime of the heating system while simultaneously reducing operation, maintenance and energy costs.

A particle filter removes magnetite and dirt created by the bound air.

TTM MAG 76 is an effective magnetite and particle filter that filters out the system’s harmful particles and reduces the risk of valves and pumps etc. beginning to leak, becoming clogged or wearing out prematurely.

Image on the right: TTM NoXygen® and TTM MAG dirt filter can be installed in new and existing systems and keep the system free of aggressive gases, preventing gas-related problems which otherwise impede the system fluid’s ability to take up and give off energy.

Continuous vacuum degassing produces an optimised heating system!

Achieve more effective energy use
with evenly distributed temperatures in the property

Reduce maintenance costs
by avoiding manual purging and minimising corrosion of thermostats and pumps.

Get fewer fault reports

and more satisfied tenants with a functioning heating system free of air.

Reduce energy costs by 5% or more*.
with even heat distribution and low return temperatures, you save energy and money.

Increase thermal comfort
with more even temperatures and flows in all radiators and underfloor heating loops.

*) Karin Lindström, Saga Ekelin (Report 2019.01) “Gains from reduced return temperatures in district heating systems”.
Issued by: Bebostad.se. The Swedish Energy Agency and the Building Owners’ Client Group.

NoXygen® C625

Automatic vacuum degasser suitable for apartment buildings and smaller systems up to about 200 apartments a system pressure up to 2.5 bar.

NoXygen® C650

Volautomatische vacuümontgasser die ontgast tot -0,9 bar, ontworpen voor verwarmings- en comfortkoelsystemen.

NoXygen® F650

Volautomatische vacuümontgasser die ontgast tot -0,9 bar, ontworpen voor koelsystemen met mediumtemperaturen tot -10°C.

NoXygen® M650

Volautomatisch vacuümontgassingssysteem dat ontgast tot -0,9 bar met automatische waterbijvulling.